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This is a sponsored post by Dromma Bed. All statements and opinions are my own.
When Drew, a representative for Dromma Bed, contacted me about the possibility of collaborating to raise awareness for their Give A Dream program, the timing could not have been more perfect.
Our current mattress is 10 years old. It's a Beautyrest® Pillow Top that had traveled with us during many moves, and over the years become uneven in it's cushioning. Within the last 2 years, we actually started tossing and turning a lot, deciding that it was due to the state of the mattress. We added thick memory foam toppers and other covers to mimic it's original feel, and while it was like sleeping on a cloud, there really wasn't much support left. So, why not just get a new mattress? Living on a 3rd floor apartment level with a long distance from the parking garage to our front door makes decisions like this less of a priority. There are so many options, and honestly we were just not putting it at the top of our list to replace, although the life of ours was near it's end.

Why Drömma Bed? 
Back to there being many options, why choose Dromma?  Here are some things I learned from Drew that make them worth trying:
  • Dromma is a North Carolina-based (they call Charlotte home!)  bed-in-a-box mattress company that sells exclusively online.
  • They utilize the most advanced features in memory foam mattress technology, sourced and produced with high-quality, eco-friendly materials entirely in North and South Carolina using local workers.
  • They use a state-of-the-art packing method to fit the entire bed into a box small enough for standard shipping methods. And by shipping directly from factory to the customer, Dromma is able to cut out the middlemen and offer a luxury quality bed without a lofty price tag.
  • Unlike large corporate mattress retailers, the company prides itself on maintaining its hometown values and working with the local community.
  • Dromma provides a 200-day trial period, comes in a removable, washable cover, and is shipped to consumers’ doors in a conveniently sized box.
  • Dromma mattress comes with free shipping and a 12 year warranty.
  • It may rest on any flat surface: box spring, platform bed with slats or flat on the floor.
  • At a cost between $550 and $950
All of this sounded great to me, especially because it's a local startup with community based values. Not to mention it's super convenient for an Uptown apartment dweller! The other main selling point is that when you purchase a Dromma mattress, you will be helping a child IN Charlotte.

Give a Dream Program  - A Bed for Every Child
The Give a Dream program is designed to help fight widespread child bedlessness. I had no idea of this issue until Drew explained it to me, and I wanted to help! They are kicking off the program in their hometown, Charlotte, and donating a mattress to a child in need for each bed purchased via its online store. Beds for Kids  (a Charlotte-based non-profit that empowers families with children by delivering beds and other essential furniture to those in need) is the local charity partner.

“Over 17,000 kids in Charlotte go to sleep on the floor or without a bed they call their own. So unfortunately, the issue is dire in our city.” said Daniel Fogarty of Beds for Kids.

My Experience

My mattress arrived and I was ready to make the switch! Although I had read up some on the set up process, I still wasn't quite sure what to expect, never seeing the bed-in-a-box style before. Although a convenient size, the box was quite heavy for my 110lb self, but that was a good thing because I knew that there was a quality product in there! I would have been a bit concerned if I were able to move it very easily. The plus? It was at my door so I didn't have to push it far, only from there to the bedroom.

The first thing I did was take the old mattress (good riddance!) off the bed. I placed the new Dromma mattress on my slat bed, and followed the instructions of carefully cutting the plastic. As you cut away, you can actually hear the mattress expanding. For some reason I was thinking that the memory foam was going to take some time to fully expand into it's regular shape, but it was instant once I got the main wrap off! There was absolutely no funny smell, as you sometimes find with foam bedding products. In fact, there was no smell at all, except new!

The process was more than simple, and the quality was just as promised. I loved the soft, textured feel of the washable cover the most! 

Check out my set up video to see how easy it is for yourself!

There are two different options for comfort level, Medium Soft (for side and stomach sleepers) and Medium Firm (for back sleepers and sprawlers). Since we are so used to Pillow Top soft with multiple foam covers, and we both are side/stomach sleepers, we knew the Medium Soft was the best choice for us. Once it was all set up, it definitely felt more firm than we were used to, but still had that memory foam feel.

I am writing this after sleeping on this mattress for the first time last night, and I am MORE than pleased with it. I was somewhat nervous it might be too firm, just because of what we're used to. That couldn't be farther from the truth. We both slept GREAT, with no tossing and turning, and woke up feeling better than we have in years! It's amazing what a well made mattress with support can do for you. If you're thinking about purchasing a new mattress, I personally recommend Dromma. With the 200 night trial and free shipping, what's to lose?

**UPDATE 4/11/2018 **
I have been sleeping on my Dromma mattress for over a year now and I honestly can say that I will never own a different mattress brand again. It has kept it's shape and level of firmness/comfort, and actually has only seemed to get more comfortable over time.  They continue to donate to Beds for Kids, as well as other charities. Current Special: Spring into Savings: Use code "SPRING" at checkout for $222 off Twin-King size mattresses.  Cal King Clearance $333 off sale!

Check Dromma out online for more information, comparison charts, etc.

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