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One thing Charlotte does not have a shortage of is local coffee shops, thank goodness. In a city with so many, how do you stand out? I love them all equally for different reasons, and I love Coco & the Director for being COMMUNITY DRIVEN. As their website states they are:
A neighborhood coffee house and retail shop in Charlotte, NC that supports community artisans and locally sourced products proudly representing the best of the Charlotte.
Other reasons why I love Coco?  Just like their description suggests, the coffee is locally roasted ( by Forte Legato in Fort Mill, SC ). The menu options are great:
  • House & Cold Brewed Coffee
  • Pour Over
  • Aeropress
  • Cold Brew Growlers
  • Espresso (Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Flat White, & Dirty Chai Tea)
  • Charleston Plantation Teas (Breakfast, Governor Gray, Peach, Raspberry, Green)
  • Made fresh daily pastries and gourmet “Sandwich of the Day” with house-roasted meats
  • Convenient to-go section (made daily packaged salads, bottled drinks, etc.)
  • Sugarrmann‘s Kronuts 
I also love the design and layout. The stadium style seating with giant cushions and bean bag pillows is so unique and a fun way to sit back and read or work on your laptop while taking in the quiet buzz of the city around you. They also provide board games, magazines, and  free wifi  if you find yourself wanting to pass the time.

Remember the whole community involvement thing I was talking about? They offer a productivity wired co-lab space on a first-come, first-serve basis for business or group meetings. There is a in-progress local art gallery at the on-site Artists in Residence studio, and Coco & the Director uses sustainable cups and packaging because they also care about the environment. The back wall shelving units are filled with curated collections of artisan crafts and locally sourced items that make great gifts. It keeps getting better, as they host stuff like readings, film screenings, concerts, and workshops. 
Looking for your next caffeine fix in the Queen City? Give Coco & the Director a try!
Connect with them online: 
Website   |   Facebook    |   Twitter   |    Instagram   |   Yelp

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