Local Favorite - Pizzeria Omaggio

If you like authentic Italian recipes and a restaurant that truly values their ingredients and customers, look no further than Pizzeria Omaggio. As stated on their website,
The definition of the Italian word "Omaggio" means homage, to pay tribute, respect, a gift. Upholding the definition of Omaggio is our key concept moving forward.

Their attention to detail and quality brings me back to one of my favorite trips to Milan, Italy. However, my biggest takeaway is that the customer service is unreal. Any time we walk in, we are always warmly greeted. Our first time in, someone made sure to go over the menu us before even being seated, and gave personal recommendations in a way that made us feel important, not pushed for profit. They have a stylish dining room with open kitchen as well. This is not just any "pizza joint".  Everything is so fresh and you can taste the passion. Honestly, I don't think there is anything you can order here that you wouldn't be completely and totally satisfied with. The customer service level has continued to exceed my expectations every time I go.

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