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She is one of three children (the youngest) born in Spain while her family was stationed there with her father being in the military. He passed away when she was 21, and that was an immense loss in her life. When times are hard, she has always found her peace by the water.  In school, she joined the rowing team and it was a source of therapy for her. She met the love of her life, married, and followed these happy times with the pain of two miscarriages. The third time the pregnancy was going well, but due to a genetic kidney disease, he passed away 13 hours after birth in the hospital. To have so much loss, and yet still have such a strong desire to love a child and keep trying, is such a testament to her character. Finally things go right and she gives birth to a little girl. She's healthy, she's happy, and she's so loved. Things go so well, they decide to try again and have a beautiful baby boy. Things aren't perfect this time, and he ends up having the same genetic kidney disease their first born had. Thankfully, Science had improved since then and they were able to keep him stable until a transplant could be done. A mother who will stop at nothing to keep her children safe and healthy, donated her own kidney to her 24 month old son. When her daughter's health took a turn for the worse and a genetic heart defect was found at 9 years of age, she became an advocate and support system through the whole open heart surgery journey. Around the same time, her own mother passed away. This was one of the most monumental losses in her life. The relationship she had with her mother was so close and special, this was especially hard to deal with for her. Her mother and father in law grew to be equally important figures in her life, to which her father in law passed away two Thanksgivings ago. 

Through all of these hardships and pain, my mother continues to be a beacon of light in the lives of everyone she comes across. She is fun loving, care free, joyful and overflowing with positive vibes. She lives by the classic motto "Life is too short." and sees the beauty in everything. She has passed these great values down to me, and for that I am so thankful. 

When I think of my mother, I think of bright blue cloud free skies, a calm tide, birds chirping, and the song "A Summer Place" by Percy Faith. Just as the water is her therapy, she is to me. Thank you for being my voice of reason whenever I need it, for knowing the tone of my voice when I do without me having to say it, for being my advice giver, my hand holder, my shopping buddy, my teacher, my nerve calmer, my biggest cheerleader, my confidant, my sunshine, my heart and soul, my best friend. You are all of these things and more. 

Happy Mother's Day. Everything I am you helped me to be. 

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  1. Way to make your ol mom cry!! I love you my sweet Shannon!! I am the one who has been truly blessed with the gift of you for my daughter ! I love you and am so proud of the incredible,amazing,and talented woman you have become. ❤️XOXO