Travel - The Catskills Getaway

We're starting to develop a pattern of visiting New York every Spring, and I absolutely love it. Being one of our favorite places, it really is like a breath of fresh air every time we go, and this trip was no exception. It was by far one of the best and honestly just what I needed at this time in my life. Instead of flying, we decided to take a road trip and headed to spend four days with my cousin Kate, her husband Griff, and my mom. We stayed at Kate & Griff's remodeled cabin in the Catskills. Kate owns her own interior design service called Freestyle Restyle and words cannot express how talented/gifted she truly is. We're currently in the thought stages of what our next step will be as far as our renting vs. home buying situation, but have already decided she will be hired to decorate our next space whatever it may be. When we finally made it to the cabin after a 12-hour drive, we were so ready to relax. Since Kate had picked my mom up from the airport, we made it to the cabin first, and it was as if the house itself was welcoming us. We drove down the dirt road past the big pond on the right and up to the most adorable home.

As soon as we walked in, we were head over heels with the entire place. Each room left our jaws dropping a little bit closer to the floor. I couldn't stop saying out loud, "Kate is such a badass. I fucking love her." as we gave ourselves a grand tour.


The guest room was made private by using sliding barn doors and the beautiful Malm fireplace combines vintage and modern style. It can swivel to provide warmth and ambiance in whichever direction you prefer! The back side of the house had a beautiful deck with sliding doors on both sides, one from the master bedroom and one from the living room. The weather was perfect for lounging there and looking out at what we liked to refer to as the enchanting forest. The Master bedroom pictured below was where they graciously let us stay while we were there. It was so spacious, light and airy. It was the perfect "zen" place to rest on our vacation.

The first two days it was just us girls and we spent time chatting over wine and getting into those deep and valuable conversations that leave you feeling enlightened when they are over. One of the most memorable moments of our time together was when Kate brought out her Tarot card collection and we did our very first reading ever. I've always been hesitant to try it because I do believe in things like this, and the thought of hearing my future terrifies me. Kate assured me that it's really about helping you make sense of things with your energy at that moment. My mom, Megan and I all three had a reading, and imagine our surprise when Megan and I drew 3 of the same exact cards. What?! The deck was shuffled by Kate and myself between us both drawing. It literally blew our minds.


One of the days we went the town of Kingston and walked around. I loved the vibe so much. Our first stop was Outdated Cafe, a vegetarian and organic cafe that also doubles as an antique store. I absolutely loved it! There were so many gluten and dairy free options, and everything tasted amazing! Mom, Kate and I ordered a Reuben style sandwich because it sounded so good, and it was! Megan ordered a huevos rancheros dish which she really enjoyed as well.  


After eating, we browsed a ton of shops and had the greatest time. There was this one vintage clothing boutique (Lovefield Vintage) that was one of my favorite stops. I wanted everything there! Aside from the great clothing options, I was even awestruck by the design and decor. One of the shelves was adorned with string lights, the prettiest glass crescent moons, feathers, and crystals. We also stopped by a cocktail bar (Stockade Tavern) and shared more conversation over libations. There were beautiful murals, creative window displays, and everything about the streets of Kingston just sang to my art-loving soul. 




The following day, it rained the entire morning and afternoon. We were able to relax with our cups of coffee, get good use of the fireplace, watch the entire season of Alias Grace, nap, and play a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity.

The last day of our trip, the weather was better for more exploring, so we drove around to High Falls and Rosendale for more shop browsing and lunch. One really cool spot was an old barn that was rehabbed into a boutique with uniquely curated items. Our lunch choice was Rosendale Cafe. I ordered a brown rice burger and loved the texture and flavor! We took a rejuvenating walk at the Ashokan Reservoir, stopped at a brewery/farm (Arrowood Farms) on the recommendation from someone I know here in Charlotte, and it was ALL absolutely beautiful! The brewery had these incredible housemade elixirs that I tried. One was turmeric and ginger and the other elderberry. They make them sparkling by adding Pelligrino, and it was so refreshing! 



We ended the last night with a bonfire at the cabin under the bright moon and stars. I can't say enough great things about this trip and can not wait until the next time I can spend time up there again.  

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