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Since having to go gluten and dairy free, many sweet treats have been out of the question for me. Unless it's something found in the specialty section of the grocery store, they are most often filled with wheat and/or milk of some kind. When I found out there was a new baking studio in town that not only offered specific gluten-free classes but could also accommodate other food allergies, I was over the moon.

Sweet Spot Studio just opened this month (September 2018) by owner and talented pastry chef Jossie Lukacik. She and her carefully selected team of instructors offer pastry and baking classes to all levels of bakers from absolute newbies to masters of the trade. You can learn things like cookie and cake decorating, plated desserts, cake pop, bread and cocktail making, and so much more! And don't worry, you get to take home your baked goods along with your newfound skills! The class my wife Megan and I attended was a naked cake decorating class and we had the best time! When we first arrived, Tamu Curtis, owner of Liberate Your Palate and Sweet Spot Studio cocktail instructor, greeted us with absolute delicious libations to start our evening. Even she was able to alter this coffee liquor beverage to fit my dairy free needs, and it was still amazing.

When you go in, each station is set up and waiting for you, complete with a recipe booklet for your specific class, and your apron and supplies. Jossie had a special allergy-friendly cake, icing and chocolate ganache ingredients prepared for us. Before each step, everyone in the class goes up to the front for a demonstration and then repeats at their own station. Once you start working at your station, your instructor will walk around answering any questions or giving any tips/help if needed.

Jossie demonstrates (photo: left) while I try to recreate (photo: right) 

While I'm great at multi-tasking in some areas of life, the kitchen is definitely not one of them, so I was thankful to have Jossie to help when I needed it! Having Megan as my baking partner was helpful as well because she's a natural in the kitchen. Before her spinal cord injury she used to be a chef, so she is usually the one preparing the meals in our home!
These behind the scenes photos above courtesy of Liberate Your Palate

Overall, we had such a great time and I highly recommend putting this on your list of things to do in Charlotte! Be sure to check out Sweet Spot Studio's website for their current list of classes and register now before they sell out! Spots are filling up quickly and this makes a great date night, group outing, celebration activity, or just trying to hone your baking skills to show them off! As you can see, I probably shouldn't quit my day job to take up cake decorating, but it was a blast anyways!

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