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When you hear the name 'Uptown Indigo', I'm willing to bet your first thought is that it is located in Uptown Charlotte. Like myself, you may not have known that there's a charming little town just under an hour away from our city that is home to this beautiful event venue. That home is historic Uptown Shelby, NC. I first learned about Uptown Indigo when Duncan, the director, reached out to me on Instagram. He asked if I would be interested in learning more about them, especially because they are an all-inclusive venue. As you probably know, that alone is a huge deal for a small town. While I am already married, I was still very interested to learn more because they offer much more than just wedding packages. A quick IG page scroll and website search showed they host private and corporate events, celebrations and retreats, and even throw their own ticketed themed parties! With Shelby, NC sitting right in between Charlotte and my hometown of Asheville, NC, I definitely wanted to see what Indigo had to offer! We scheduled a date for me to visit so that I could tour the venue and get to know the story behind it. When I arrived, meeting Duncan was like meeting an old friend. He was very easy to talk to and had such great energy and passion for this business. As he showed me around and proudly explained so many of the great features and spaces they have, I found out why - it's because it's his family's business and they are the 2nd of out just two families to own the 1920's historic Campbell building where Uptown Indigo resides. They purchased in 2014 and spent 3 years designing the space for others to create unforgettable memories in. When you walk in the building, you can feel the love that went into it. You can feel the love from other's memories and good times. There's such a vibe to this place and it's a good one. After we walked around, Duncan sat down with me to chat and even poured us a glass of scotch and joyfully educated me on how that specific type was made. The passion is in every detail! I fell so in love with this place, I just had to show you around and share all the things I learned! 

Pictured above left is the main entrance. As you walk in and look left of the rug and table, you'll find an original working elevator with a bellhop attendant. It's not often you find a historic building that is ADA compliant, so this is a huge plus! If you look to the right of the rug and table, you'll find the staircase which you can also take to the main event floor. That brings us here, to this stunning space. The tin roof is original to the building and the natural light just pours in. 

What Duncan explained to me that was so unique about Uptown Indigo, is that all of their packages include tables, chairs, a sound system that connects to all levels including the rooftop terrace, bartenders, free parking and more! Additionally, they offer a wide selection of table linens and napkins as well as an open bar option for a great price! There's even a sweet story behind their hotel choice. The Shelby Hampton Inn owners were the first to get married here at Uptown Indigo, and offer room blocks with discounts for the venue! Now, bathrooms aren't always a topic of discussion for their beauty, but this one is a different story. 

My jaw literally hit the floor when I walked in here. Those gorgeous wall tiles you see behind the sink? All handmade by Duncan's mother and co-owner of Uptown Indigo, Angela Franklin, who I also learned is a full-time nurse at the Levine Cancer Institute. What an inspiration! The sink counter was made locally and you'll also find the original tin roofing in here, a table to refresh and an antique full-length mirror. Next, we'll take the stairs to the third floor, also known as the Steeples level because of the great view of all the surrounding church steeples. This floor was my absolute favorite. When you first come in, you'll notice an iron stairwell that heads over a sitting area with grand piano. What you'll also see is an impressive full kitchen, and multiple intimate seating areas, including a crystal fireplace. Entering this space feels like you are being welcomed into the home of someone close to you. That's the best way I can describe the warm and fuzzy feeling I got. The interior design talent here is off the charts. Duncan explained to me that they even have couples have this seating area under the stairs moved and have the guests all line up the stairs and around to watch their first dance in that space, with a close friend or family member playing the piano for them. How romantic! 

If you need a little more reason to envision your event here, let's take a walk to the other side of this massive room. On this side, you'll find a bar built with original wood planks from one of the stairwells that needed refurbishing, a pool table, more sitting areas, and more attention to detail. It truly is a place that photos do not do justice. Even the single bath on this level had a beautiful design. This is a great spot for getting ready for a wedding for brides and grooms alike! 

After all of this, there was one more place to check out, and that's the rooftop terrace. Look at all that space for mingling and photo opportunities! The cushions are kept safe from the weather conditions when not in use, but they are normally on the benches during events. Not to mention the view is so lovely. 

On their website, you'll find a badge for a rated business and 2019 Couple's Choice Awards from WeddingWire with 5-star reviews,  a 5-star rating on Google, 2018 Best of the Best for Cleveland County, and after visiting Uptown Indigo for myself, I can see why. I can't thank Duncan enough for everything he taught me about his hometown of Shelby, NC and sharing his goals for tourism here. If you are recently engaged or just looking for a high-quality venue that won't break the bank, know that you're supporting a local family's efforts at keeping the town history alive and thriving if you choose this absolutely amazing spot just a short drive from where we live.  

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