Magic with Shan: Why Book a Travel Agent?

Photo by Julia Fay
I'll be honest, I've never even researched using a travel agent for myself before I decided to specialize in Disney travel planning for others with 101 Vacations. For one, I always just assumed their services came with a fee, which I preferred to not use as a part of my vacation budgeting. I learned that isn't always true. An experienced travel professional can take all the stress out of planning your vacation so you can relax from the beginning and enjoy your time away, all without costing you a penny extra!

Here are 5 reasons I learned booking a travel agent is a great idea:

  1. Most agencies/agents are paid directly by the resorts, hotels, cruises and theme parks to work with you. A travel agent's service is already built into the price you are paying, and by not using one, those commission prices just go straight back to the resort, hotel, cruise line or theme park. You are actually throwing away a service you already paid for! If you really enjoy planning yourself, this isn't a big deal. But if you are one that would love to save the time spent trying to figure everything out yourself for no additional cost, you have this opportunity already paid for. 
  2. Not only can you use the services of many travel agents with no additional fees, but you will also have the benefit of their access to the best deals and sometimes even special perks to make sure you're getting the most for the money you are spending. 
  3. Two words - human connection ... with connections. When was the last time an internet search engine or websites knew your preferences, your needs, your personality? When you book a travel agent, you're creating an invaluable relationship to make sure all of those things are addressed when it comes to planning your vacation. And if they haven't personally been where you want to go, chances are they know someone who has and can get you the answers you are looking for that aren't from a faceless comment on an internet forum from 15 years ago. 
  4. Unparalleled peace of mind before, during and after your trip. In the event something does go wrong, your agent is there to help as best as they can. 
  5. Avoiding those online deals that seem too good to be true and many are. Working with an agent will ensure you are not being scammed or deceived. 

There's much more to it than this, but these are a great starting point to learning about the benefits of using a travel agent. I am so excited for this journey and being able to share my passion for Disney with others. I can't wait to help create your magical memories! 
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