Now Introducing: Magic With Shan!

Photo by Julia Fay 
Have you ever felt so deeply connected to something, but you never really knew what to do with that bond or how to incorporate that connection into your daily life? That is exactly how I felt about the magic of Disney, until now.

I was born in Orlando, Florida and lived there until I was 9 years old. I feel lucky to say that Walt Disney World was practically my backyard, and a large part of my family history involves Disney in some way. My mom's father was in the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association and was invited to the grand opening day of Magic Kingdom, so she was able to experience that when she was a child. I can't even begin to imagine how amazing that must have been. My parents both worked various jobs there during their late high school and early college years. They would do things like parade participation, serve up Orange Julius at the Sunshine Tree Terrace juice counter in Adventureland, perform on stage, and handle guest relations at a few resorts. It was only natural that once they had children, they would share that magic with us.

Photo by Julia Fay
My greatest memories come from those magical moments throughout our childhood. Moments like walking through the Rainbow Corridor (which no longer exists, sadly) in the Imagination Pavillion at Epcot, eating holiday meals with visits from Mickey and Minnie and other friends on the Empress Lily (paddle-wheeler style restaurant now known as Paddlefish) , seeing Cinderella's castle decorated as a giant pink cake for the 25th anniversary, and so much more. It was even more special when my grandparents and extended family would come along with us to join the fun. We all loved spending time together by walking, shopping and eating our way through Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) and playing games at the interactive indoor theme park Disney Quest, which was permanently closed down more recently in July of 2017.

In the past 2 years, our family has had a lot of loss including my grandfather, my uncle and my grandmother. After the loss of my last living grandparent in February, I felt an incredible sense of appreciation for the memories I have and the passion we have always had for the wonder of Disney. It occurred to me now more than ever, that nothing stays the same forever, not even Disney. If collecting memories with the ones you love is of any importance to you, do it while you still have time, before the opportunity is no longer there. Nothing in life is promised, especially time.

Photo by Julia Fay
This is why today, on my 34th birthday,  I am so thrilled to share that I have joined the team at 101 Vacations travel agency, have completed the Disney College of Knowledge, and am now offering services as a Disney specialized travel agent! I want to help YOU create special memories of your own with your loved ones and experience the magic of Disney that I believe is for everyone of every age. Children or no children, it matters not. To me, Disney is not just a place to go, it's a feeling.

If you're considering the idea of a Disney vacation of any kind (family, honeymoon, birthday, just because, etc.) or have booked a trip already less than 30 days ago, I would love the opportunity to be your personal travel agent and help you plan at NO additional cost to you! Your memories are waiting!


Photo by Julia Fay
Here's where to find me for your travel needs:

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  1. Amazing story and photos! So excited for you Shannon and can't wait for our return to Disney to experience it through your love of Disney and planning vision for us.