Uptown Girl CLT is where I share my favorite spots and happenings around the Queen City, allergy-friendly recipes or restaurants, my travels, and bits and pieces of my personal story. 

I have always loved writing and blogging (LiveJournal and Xanga, anyone?) and am excited to see what it has evolved to so far in my lifetime. I started Uptown Girl CLT when my wife Megan and I moved to the outskirts of Uptown Charlotte a couple of years ago. We began exploring new places, experiencing new things, and making Charlotte home. I wanted to share these finds with others who might have the same joy in it as I did and make their own connection with the city they live in. A recent health scare at the end of 2017 (a couple of years after the start of Uptown Girl CLT)  yanked me from the world of sharing what I was used to when it came to food and threw me into life without gluten or dairy, which can be very difficult to navigate. I tried to focus on the change as an opportunity to try new things and meet even more people with similar dietary restrictions.  

I try to support local as much as possible, and I am an introvert who hates small talk and prefers to get to know others on a deeper level. If I am visiting a business for the first time, I want to get to know the mission and values behind it. Who came up with the idea? How did they start? What was the journey like? What are the goals for the future? The passion is what fascinates me and that is what I love sharing with others. In doing this from the beginning, I started feeling like a part of my community and this became my purpose behind Uptown Girl CLT.  

Behind the Magic with Shan posts - I was born in Orlando, FL and lived there until I was 9 years old. Walt Disney World was practically my backyard and a large part of my family history involves Disney in some way. Both of my parents and sets of grandparents had a history of jobs connected to the parks and we spent so much of our time as a family enjoying them throughout my childhood. My greatest memories come from those moments, and I was blessed with the opportunity to start helping others create those memories with their loved ones as a Disney travel specialist. You can read the full introduction post to Magic with Shan here. 

If you're new here, you can get to know me a little better with this 33 About Me post I did for my last birthday! 

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